We are a unique Cupcakery showcasing the capabilities and creativity of a child with Down Syndrome. .

Cupcakes made with Love & an Extra Chromosome.

Connor Quinn Rodriguez entered our world in 2010.  He is by far the brightest star in our universe. We are truly honored to have been chosen as his parents.

From day one, Connor has been such a fighter and fearless little trooper.  Along with the shock of his Trisomy 21 diagnosis, we were essentially told by a Social Worker at the hospital that he'd never go to college, he'd never have a bank account, and that we could always try for another child. The complete lack of empathy and utter disregard to what we were experiencing lit a fire in us that will never be distinguished.

We have made it our mission to ensure that Connor was given every opportunity to live his life to the fullest.  At eight weeks old he flew his first transatlantic flight.  Two passports later, he is still an avid flyer.  He plays soccer, enjoys swimming and horseback riding lessons, is doing great at school and has enjoyed some amazing opportunities, such as playing basketball with the local Special Olympics group at Madison Square Garden!  

Connor is such a sensitive and loving child.  He loves playing with other kids and is extremely affectionate.  He has inspired us to strive to be better parents, and overall better people.

Join us on this adventure....the sky is the limit!...